About Us

Our Purpose

Greek Roots, a Canadian nonprofit organization, empowers youth to become the next generation of leaders through community volunteerism, mentorship and Hellenic cultural experiences.

Our vision is a world where the values of Hellenism are embraced by young people while preserving and celebrating Greek culture in communities across Canada.

Our programs are youth-led and inclusive, welcoming all youth, ages 13-29. They focus on building social and leadership skills that can shape the trajectory of their futures.

Volunteerism as a Gateway

Volunteering through Greek Roots is a gateway to a larger personal journey rooted in Hellenic values. We understand the significance of volunteerism for youth, whether it’s for enhancing post-secondary school applications or finding new job opportunities. We provide transcripts of volunteer hours and letters of reference, valuable assets in pursuing future endeavors.


Our commitment to volunteers extends beyond their service. Our volunteers are supported by mentors – dedicated individuals who, having experienced the challenges of their own youth, now pay forward the lessons and support they received.


Our programs include training sessions, both in-person and online, led by professionals from various sectors of our community. These sessions offer valuable insights and knowledge-sharing opportunities for our young, receptive audience, eager to learn and grow.

Cultural Experiences

We believe in the importance of preserving our Hellenic heritage. Through rich cultural experiences, our youth volunteers immerse themselves in their community and give back meaningfully, both locally and through dedicated travel programs to Greece.

Our Founders

Greek Roots was born from a fundamental belief: to secure the future, we must invest in the next generation while cherishing the Hellenic values that resonate deeply within us. Our founders bring a rich tapestry of experiences and backgrounds, from nonprofit growth management, education, small business, leadership and change management. They are united by a common respect for the timeless values of Hellenism.

George Andreopoulos, Nonprofit Growth
Amalia Bombakos, Education
Dimitrios Constantopoulos, Education 

Anna Dimitrokalis, Leadership and Change Management
Denis Guertin, Nonprofit Growth

Our Partners

EKO Greece (Entrepreneurship and Social Economy Group)

EKO Greece, situated in Athens, is a non-profit organization that operates both locally and within the European context, with a primary focus on youth. Its core mission revolves around fostering an inclusive society devoid of prejudice and discrimination, with a steadfast commitment to sustainable development.

Hellenic Community of Greater Montreal Fundraising Committee

The HCGM Fundraising Committee’s mandate is to raise funds in support of the Greater Montreal Hellenic Community’s trilingual primary school, and the schools of supplementary education. The FRC organizes various fundraisers, such as the annual Radio-Marathon, and Lottery. Since its formation, more than $ 4,000,000 has been raised from these events along with the continuous support of community members and businesses.

Hellenic Community of Greater Montreal

The Hellenic Community of Greater Montreal (HCGM) has been serving the Greek population of the greater Montreal area (Montreal, Laval and South Shore regions) since 1906. For over 100 years, the HCGM has continuously been representing proud Quebec citizens of Hellenic origin, who have settled and continue to settle in the greater Montreal area. The organization’s goal is to unify the members of the community, by bringing them together, responding to their needs and strengthening the bond with other cultural communities in the Greater Montreal area.

Laconian Brotherhood of Canada (Montreal)

The Laconian Brotherhood of Canada (Montreal) is committed to working collaboratively to invest in its youth, creating an energizing environment conducive to their growth and empowering them to establish enduring Laconian traditions to be shared within the community. The Brotherhood strives to deliver value to its diverse membership, spanning youth and seniors, by fostering a sense of belonging and promoting inclusivity.

Montreal Greek Film Festival

The Montreal Greek Film Festival is a showcase of Greek talent, local, national and international. It aims, among other things, to facilitate creative and contemplative minds, and to bring together filmmakers and film lovers in our wonderful city. Cinema speaks a universal language and has meaning and relevance for all people, regardless of their national, cultural or social backgrounds.