About Us

At Greek Roots, we are dedicated to connecting Hellenic diaspora youth with their Greek culture and heritage and with each other. Through volunteerism, mentorship, events and travel to Greece, we help them engage with their culture and to embrace their identity as Hellenes. 

Our vision is that all youth of Greek descent find value and pride in involving themselves in their Greek communities. We are inclusive, believing in the power of partnerships and our goal is to become an indispensable, non-competing ally to Hellenic organizations that are equally committed to our vision. Our selection of volunteer programs is youth-led and focused on helping young men and women of Greek heritage gain a better understanding of their place in the world as Hellenes. In so doing, we help them develop the leadership skills needed to feel empowered and to perform at the highest levels.


Our partners

EKO (Entrepreneurship and Social Economy Group) is a non-profit organization based in Athens, Greece that is part of a global network dedicated to:

  • enhancing youth empowerment;
  • promoting gender equity;
  • strengthening social inclusion and integration;
  • fighting against social stereotypes, racism, and xenophobia; and
  • contributing to the protection of the planet and the ecosystems.

EKO’s history includes projects that have been successfully approved the Greek National Agency of Erasmus + (Program of the European Union), including their 2018 project, OLYMPIC SPIRIT FOR PEACEBUILDING. As program architects for My Big FUN Greek Odyssey, their involvement assures the highest level of youth focused programming and education.

NeoAnalysis is a consulting company that specializes in education, entrepreneurship, social cohesion, event management and career counselling. The organization consists of three distinct departments all of which are certified according to the ISO 9001:2008 standard for providing consistently high quality services.

NEOANALYSIS maintains an extensive network of collaborators in Greece and abroad, including academic and research institutions, companies providing complementary services as well as individual experts who reinforce its high standard personnel on a project basis.

Wherever you go in the world, the UNIGLOBE family of travel management companies is there with you. Clients from more than 90 countries across The Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia-Pacific already trust UNIGLOBE to be their preferred travel management partner. Rooted in local dependability and with an entrepreneurial spirit, we specialize in serving the unique needs of small and mid-sized enterprises, meetings and holiday travelers. Founded in 1980, UNIGLOBE Travel is headquartered in Vancouver, B.C., Canada.